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Epoxy Flooring

epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coating

Epoxy flooring refers to a particular set of materials and the application of the materials. Epoxy is the application of certain hardeners and resins. When these chemicals are combined, there is a chemical reaction that brings about a strong plastic material. The final output of the material is resistant, strong, durable, and bonds very well to several base layers. Epoxy floorings are sturdy to the extent that they can be used in areas of heavy traffic like sports facilities, and industrial environments.

Epoxy flooring coatings are usually used in industrial and commercial flooring. Typically, epoxy floorings are applied over concrete floors so surfaces can be durable, smooth, and perform highly. When epoxy coatings are used on concrete floors, they can withstand heavy loads and last for an extended period. The coating is relied on by several commercial buildings, industrial sites, and warehouses to be a safe and clean working environment for inventory, workers, and equipment. 

About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coatings need a slightly porous and immaculate surface to be fitted properly. If concrete is polished or sealed, there is a tendency bonding may not work. The concrete will also be completely cured. Before epoxy floor coating can be applied, every powerful chip and cracks to the surface of the concrete will be removed. All forms of grease will be removed from the concrete. If it is old concrete, the surface will be tested for any former layer of epoxy or any product that may have been used on it over the years. There will also be a test for sealant. Concrete that has been sealed will not be appropriate for epoxy coating.

An epoxy coating will only be done when the temperature is suitable. The manufacturer’s recommendations will be followed down to the letter. If an epoxy coating is done under unfavorable temperature, it may bubble and eventually peel off. Epoxy is a composition of two liquids that are mixed before applying to the concrete. Immediately the mixing is done, it has to be applied to the concrete before it starts to harden. 

Importance of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring comes with several benefits attached to them compared to other traditional floorings. Epoxy flooring comes with a high-gloss surface that is shiny. This shiny gloss surface can increase how bright interior areas appear. The epoxy flooring provides a durable surface that does not wear quickly. The surface can withstand traffic, whether it is heavy or continuous. Epoxy floorings are suitable because of their quick and easy installment process; no layout is required. There is no need to cut extra adhesives. Unique equipment nor tools are needed. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain. The floors resist water and do not get stained with oil and grease, so it is ideal for application in industrial settings and warehouses. Epoxy flooring forms seamless surfaces that can be used for several years. The floorings can be used in such a way that they can be used to cover cracks and chips in the concrete when combined with colors and paints. Its specially formulated chemical-resistant surface can be considered the best for manufacturing plants. When there are anti-slip additives on the concrete’s surface, epoxy flooring provides improved safety. Several patterns of epoxy can be created in such visible pathways can be created, and valuable areas can be identified. It ensures the existing concrete floors do not wear and tear. No major maintenance is needed. Sometimes, no maintenance is needed.

Choose Kansas City Concrete Contractors

Epoxy flooring is a highly specific solution because it is practical and the materials used in making it ensures that it can be used for several applications. Do you need to create a breathtaking entrance to your lobby? Do you want to beautify your interior decor? Kansas City Concrete Contractors is the ideal business place. We can do all these for you at affordable prices. You already have the know-how on what it entails for a knowledgeable company to care for your concrete and epoxy flooring needs. Kansas City Concrete Contractors is a professional outfit. We have experience in everything and anything epoxy floorings.

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