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Foundations and Footings


It’s a known fact building structures require lots of planning, from the need to get a preferred location, recruiting the help of a draughtsman, concomitantly setting aside the required funds to reviewing plans, and getting the best hands for the job. No one would love to go through this process without hoping to get the best value for money. Another important part of a building is your choice in the make-up of your foundation and it’s a given that one of the best choices remains the good old concrete.

Importance of a concrete foundation and footings

Wherever the word concrete is mentioned, the word long-lasting comes to mind. A lot goes into the makeup of foundations, from the choice of sand or stone to the amount of water required, the system and technique used, leveling the ground, and many more before it can be said that the structure is set in stone. 

Many problems occur in the few years after the foundation of a building has been constructed, from water damage coming from plumbing problems to mold and mildew, not to neglect structural damage from foundation walls collapsing and in turn, causing great harm. Most times, these problems can be avoided seeing as a foundation precedes every requirement of a sturdy building and if it’s done right, you need not worry about any factor that can possibly trigger a chain of events causing expensive damages.

The benefit of concrete foundation and footings 

In terms of quality-related concrete, solid concrete works start at the origin of the project while indicating suitable qualities needed to help the design, solid blend plan fixings, and the need to determine work that is constructible but all in all concrete is sure to remain a good and fixed fix. 

1. Resistance. 

Any structure built in concrete is built to last. The mettle concrete has exhibited against factors such as erosion, weathering, and other natural disasters over the years coupled with its little or no need for a revisit successfully ticks boxes in a list of what is considered a solid investment. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness 

Another perk of concrete structures is the fact that concrete placed by side with its alternative counterparts, in the long run, wins the race of value for money.

3. Safety 

Concrete does not burn. As simple as it looks, this is a huge factor in a world where everything is going unpredictably trendy and electrical. Concrete does not rot or feed mildew, it is composed of chemically inactive materials which make its ability to react with surrounding variables next to impossible and when constructed with materials of superior quality, the entry of pollen and airborne pollutants becomes prevented. Nothing speaks trust more than concrete to a layman in the field of engineering and building. It’s been around for ages and well-refined over time unlike recent systems capable of posing risks to health and safety. In the advent of climatic unpredictability, it won’t hurt to add an extra layer of protection against anxiety, natural disasters, and temperature swings. 

Why choose Kansas City Concrete Contractors? 

Kansas City Concrete Contractors brings more than significant experience and construction expertise to the table. Proud to have served the city for years, being quality-minded becomes not just a state of mind but also an essence. Our Concrete contractors will visit you and all you have to do is point a finger, while we check to confirm the quality of the spot and its soil condition. When we come across soils hinting at a bad outcome from a not too good condition of strength within a realistic time prediction made easier due to years of experience, plans are put in place to cast special foundations while we walk you through the reasons and offering expert advice making the decision easier for you to make at every point in time. 

The essence of concrete foundations and footings is to successfully distribute the weight of a building structure evenly and whether we pour in wood forms or directly into trenches, quality sealers are used to assure our customers of their protection from moisture and this helps to keep your walls rigid and sturdy. 

Also, in the case of the need for a basement, Kansas City Contractors use concrete blocks to create stem walls while treating your foundation blocks with another round of sealers to keep moisture out. 

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