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Parking Lots

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It goes without saying that more cars are now on the road than ever before which has given rise to the issue of where to park them. This has made having a parking lot an asset to any property, especially one with a high number of people coming in with vehicles. 

Either for your house, commercial property, or business, a parking lot is essential. Due to the issue with inadequate parking space and free movement of traffic, many restrictions have been put in place to discourage just parking on the street which has increased the importance of having a good parking lot. This becomes more important when you consider that in America people spend up to 17 hours on average looking for parking spaces which are time that can be used for doing more productive things. The overall appeal of a commercial, public, or residential is helped by the availability of a parking lot. 

Concrete Parking Lots 

Choosing to have a parking lot is more beneficial than an ordinary space and having it built in concrete is a good choice. While most parking lots are currently built using asphalt because it was cheaper, the rise in oil prices and improvement in equipment has made concrete a good alternative. A concrete parking lot will have better drainage ability with a sloped surface even on flat grounds. Whether for a small parking lot like a residential house or local store or a large parking lot for supermarkets, industrial buildings, and large public spaces, functional concrete paving can be easily installed by professional concrete contractors like Kansas City Concrete Contractors. For repairs of existing parking lots, they are also available to renovate and redesign your concrete parking lot in the right way.

Benefits of Concrete Parking Lots 

Low maintenance costs 

A concrete parking lot is easier to maintain. The cost of maintenance is almost zero except for sealing and yearly cleaning. It is more self-sufficient and durable, lasting for decades without having to resurface it frequently like other types of parking lot surfaces. So even if it costs a bit more to build at first, when you consider the low maintenance costs in the long term compared to other parking surface options, it is a cheaper option. 

Reflects Light and Reduces Temperature 

Concrete parking lots reflect light which helps to lower the temperature in hot weather. The color is less dark so it does not heat up as much. Hot weather can be damaging to the car which makes this important as it reduces the heat in cars parked on the lot. So when a car is parked it is not hit by too much heat, the seats are not burning hot by the time people return and the interior of the car is not too hot which can be uncomfortable and cause the interior to fade over time. Concrete parking lots also save energy as less lighting is needed to light up a concrete lot especially at night. 

Durable and Heavy Duty 

Having your parking lot built with concrete will make it last for decades. It is less susceptible to deterioration and does not wear out fast. Concrete paving is also strong and can serve lightweight and heavy vehicle traffic because when it is properly done, it is less prone to being deformed or having portholes and cracks. The key to this is that concrete pavements develop a hard surface that protects the soil underneath and distribute loads over a large area of subgrade. This rigidity, strength gives it longevity that makes it a popular choice for paving a parking lot. 

Let Kansas City Concrete Contractors Build It The Right Way

It is important to find tried and tested contractors for your parking lot project. Kansas City Concrete Contractors have always displayed exemplary workmanship through efficient planning and execution of projects. Your concrete parking lot will only be as good as the crew you employ to build it which is why at Kansas City concrete contractors the best materials are used, combined with a team of experts to give you a parking lot that will easily last 20 to 30 years. A parking lot with cracks, worn ugly surfaces, or without solidity will just not cut it. 

To have a good, durable, strong and aesthetically pleasing concrete paving starts from the foundation itself up to the finishing and this is where our quality shows. To get an estimate for free Call (816) 339-8133 today and you’ll be making the best decision for your lot.

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